About Neal Road & 31 Records

Company story

With the first album getting ready to release, we decided to create our own company with multiple branches for our careers to grow into. Neal Road was created to bring music, videography, dance, and visual art together under one roof. The other branches are: 31 Records, our record label which owns the recordings(masters) of all of the projects we create: Neal Road Publishing, our publishing company which controls all of our publishing, and deals with any inquiries for licensing, ect. 


CRL was raised in Chico California.  Growing up he was introduced to a wide range of music genres, but it wasn’t until he was given an “Outkast” cd by his older sister Hailey, that he really felt a calling with music. Later in his younger years, he was introduced to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac, Biggie and more from his big cousin Matt, and his dream of being in music was born, and he began writing songs. “Hearing Nate Dogg was a game changer for me, he made me want to sing. I grew up in the Nate Dogg era, it seemed like years where a song wasn’t a hit unless Nate was singing the hook. At least in my world” – CRL. After finishing high school in Chico, he moved to Los Angeles to go to school for audio engineering.  During his schooling, he got an internship at “The Underdogs” studio where he eventually was hired on and worked with many successful writers, engineering writing sessions.  After a few years in the music industry he felt the calling to create his own path and his own music back where he could be close to his family, in Chico CA. Once back in Chico, he and his younger sister, Virginia Marlo began working on her debut EP “In The Haze”, and through that process formed their own company, “Neal Road” and independent label “31 Records”.

Virginia Marlo BIO

Virginia Marlo was born and raised in Chico California.  At the age of five, her grandmother taught her how to play piano and she’s been playing ever since.  She wrote her first few songs in the rough years of middle school, and hit a major stride at seventeen when she decided to leave high school a year early and move to LA.  In LA she lived with her older brother and producer CRL and started recording her debut e.p In The Haze.  Her music draws inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Adele, mixed with the production style of CRL that blends elements of r&b, hip hop, and pop.  She currently holds a residency performing at Almendra Winery in Durham California, where she performs 3 hour long solo shows, with 80 percent of the songs being her own. She and her team at 31 Records are now in the process of making her first full length album.


Cash DS is an American Recording Artist born in Rochester, NY. He spent his younger years much like an army brat moving from state to state alongside his mother due to her job as a traveling surgical technician. In 2008, DS and his mother arrived in Chico CA where he decided he no longer wanted to travel with his mother and found his home there. During this time, he met his bestfriend, CRL and the two  immediately hit it off as they found a shared passion with Hip Hop and music alone. Though life separated the two momentarily, they came back together in 2018 when CRL and Virginia Marlo decided to start up the Independent Record Label, 31 Records, and recruited his DS to move back to California so the three of them could get the record label off the ground.